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There is something truly magical about poker, and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t put our finger on it.

Maybe it’s the thrill of chasing that winning hand on the turn or the river. Maybe it’s the poker room atmosphere with its recognizable smoke drenched baize, wooden chips, and low hanging lights. Perhaps, it’s the heart pumping anxiety of a face-off between you and the last opponent standing. What if it’s the self-content you feel when outbluffing all the other players with nothing more than a high card?

Whatever it is, poker has succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of gamblers all over the world with its trademark blend of witts, luck, and nerve.

Nowadays, the poker rooms are slowly but steadily being replaced by poker websites. These online poker platforms offer pretty much the same atmosphere, and the best part is, your clothes don’t smell like tobacco afterward.